Positive Youth Development Resources

Research Reviews
Research Reviews

The modules within the Positive Youth Development course were developed out of a thorough review of the literature on the topic as it relates to adolescent growth and development. The research review for each topic is provided as a way to further assist program staff to understand the concepts and the research behind each of the online modules.

Research Reviews

Module 1: Introduction to Positive Youth Development

Module 2: Physical and Psychological Safety

Module 3: Supportive Relationships

Module 4: Opportunities to Belong

Module 5: Positive Social Norms

Module 6: Appropriate Structure

Module 7: Support for Efficacy and Mattering

Module 8: Opportunities for Skill Building

Module 9: Integration of Family, School, and Community Efforts

Fact Sheets
Additional Resources
Additional Resources

The following resources are provided to support programs pursuing continuous quality improvement. The topics reflect the eight Essential Elements as identified by Eccles and Gootman (2002) and are divided into three categories:

  • Why is this important? This section includes resources covering theory, rationale or relevant research on the topic
  • How can I help my staff in this area? This section includes resources for managers to bolster staff training
  • How can my staff help youth in this area? This section includes resources for direct staff to utilize with youth

These resources support Army Youth Program Assessment (AYPA) Improvement Action Proposals and Plan and are evidence-based, provided by credible sources, focused on school-aged children and teens, accessible, and relevant.

Physical and Psychological Safety Resources

Supportive Relationship Resources

Opportunities to Belong Resources

Positive Social Norms Resources

Appropriate Structure Resources

Support for Efficacy and Mattering Resources

Opportunities for Skill Building Resources

Integration of Family, School, and Community Resources