In this series of workshops, youth program staff will learn skills that build on one another in a specific sequence. We recommend you complete the workshops in the following order:

  • Understanding Emotion Regulation,
  • Development of Executive Functioning,
  • Understanding Peer Relationships
  • Understanding Emotion Regulation – Staff,
  • Understanding and Practicing Active Listening,
  • Understanding and Practicing Inquiry,
  • Understanding and Practicing Acceptance,
  • Understanding and Practicing Problem-Solving, and
  • Understanding and Practicing Cognitive Reappraisal.


Workshops are related to various topics in the Emotion Regulation and Positive Youth Development Training and are intended to be used by youth program managers or training staff to introduce the concepts to program staff. The workshops could be delivered over a series of lunch seminars where a manager leads an activity each week, during a quiet programming season, or over a training weekend. However it is done, the Workshops are a set of strategies intended to help staff understand the importance of helping youth learn to manage their emotions.