Youth Inclusion Training Materials

The Youth Inclusion Training Materials provide information and strategies to help youth program managers and staff make their programs more inclusive. There are two parts to the materials. The first is directed toward program managers and includes background on eight topics. This background content is intended to help the youth program manager understand why an inclusive program is important and how to support all youth in their program through positive youth development practices. The second section of the training materials are workshop guides for the youth program manager to use with their program staff. The program manager should conduct the activities as part of regular professional development in the program; perhaps, over a lunch break, in the evenings, or whenever it makes the most sense.

Workshop Overview

Workshops are related to various topics in the Youth Inclusion Training and are intended to be used by youth program managers or training staff to introduce the concepts to program staff. The workshops could be delivered over a series of lunch seminars where a manager leads an activity each week, during a quiet programming season, or over a training weekend. However it is done, the Workshops are a set of strategies intended to help staff understand the importance of helping youth to feel welcome and safe within the program.