Evaluation Modules

In partnership with Children, Youth, and Families At-Risk Program (CYFAR), this track offers seven online modules that focus on all aspects of program evaluation from designing, to collecting and handling data, to effectively communicating the evaluation results to stakeholders.

Module 1 - Preparing for Program Evaluation

Stack of colored notebooks.This module covers the basics for planning a program evaluation and includes discussions about conducting needs assessments and different types of evaluations.

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Module 2 - Planning for Program Evaluation

Woman writing Idea, Plan, Action on glass.

This module covers logic models. What they are, what they look like and how you can use a logic model for program evaluation.

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Module 3 - Ethical Considerations in Program Evaluation

Group of people sitting at a table sorting notecards.

This module details the process for research with human subjects, important ethical considerations when conducting an evaluation, and the policies and procedures that guide evaluation.

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Module 4 - Evaluation Design and Implementation

Man drawing flow chart boxes and arrows on glass.

This module provides an overview of different types of data, data sources, and data collection techniques.

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Module 5 - Data Analysis

Image of an infographic that looks like a tree.

This module reviews basic concepts related to data analysis such as terms, concepts, and analysis procedures to allow interpretation of data and support informed consumption of evaluation research.

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Module 6 - Communicating Evaluation Results

A woman and man talking at a table.

This module discusses how to review data and communicate results to stakeholders. The module covers reporting, graphing, and presenting on data.

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Module 7 - Program Management and Leadership

Group of women and men in suits talking.

This module covers the basics of program management and effective leadership, including opportunities to reflect on how to strengthen management and leadership styles.

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